Delta Plastics: The leading manufacturer and supplier of irrigation polytube for the agriculture industry, providing farmers with high-performance, environmentally responsible irrigation solutions. Each year we ensure all the polytube that is used is collected and recycled by us.

Delta Plastics

Revolution Ag: An environmentally friendly line of agricultural products dedicated to delivering high standards of quality and performance required by growers. We divert farm plastics from landfills and recycle the material into vine cover, silage and bunker film through our unique collections and recycling process, thereby creating a true closed-loop story.

Revolution Ag

Revolution Bender Board: Known as the most flexible in lawn edging and concrete forming, our product line is also one of the most sustainable in the market, utilizing our postconsumer resin produced through our proprietary closed-loop system.

Revolution Board


Revolution Bag: Innovators of sustainable plastics, Revolution Bag manufactures the greenest line of trash bags on the market. ECOLOGO and SCS certified, our EPA-compliant can liners are produced using an average of 70%, and up to 97%, postconsumer resin. Our can liners far exceed environmentally preferred requirements at competitive prices while meeting the high standards of performance and durability our customers expect.

Revolution Bag

Rodeo Plastics: As a leading manufacturer of construction and commercial supply solutions making high performance film, sheeting and bags, Rodeo is focused on moving the industry forward by producing sustainable plastic products made with up to 90% certified postconsumer resin.


Polar Plastics: A longstanding leader in manufacturing commercial stretch film, sheeting, custom rolls and custom bags, Polar Plastics is committed to serving the market with premium quality, environmentally sound blown film solutions.

Jadcore: Jadcore is an industry leader in recycling and manufacturing solutions that utilize post-industrial plastics. They are the largest producer of PIR in the Midwest, with operations that include comprehensive recycling services, proprietary blending and processing, as well as blown film products made with PIR resin.


Command: A steadfast commitment to producing environmentally friendly solutions for the retail, food service and grocery markets without compromising quality and innovation has been Command’s focus for over 30 years. Along with our SCS certified reusable bags, we continually work with customers to put in as much postconsumer and recycled content as possible in their applications.


dailygood BAGS: When fundraising with dailygood BAGS, you not only help local schools and organizations, you also help the planet. Combining functionality with fundraising, dailygood BAGS offer an easy, sustainable and cost-effective way to make a difference.

Daily Good

Certified PCR Resins

Encore: Our certified, post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin is an ideal solution for broad applications of flexible packaging products.

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