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Explore our full line of high-quality ag products.


Enjoy efficiency and crop productivity using our line of high performance ag films.

Grain Bags

Grain storage solutions in a variety of sizes to help you operate more efficiently.

Silage Bags

Ensure safe, dry storage of your materials until you need them

Ground Cover Film

Keep your crops protected from environmental conditions to ensure maximum growth and a good harvest

Greenhouse Film

Plastic greenhouse sheeting in clear and black and white varieties is the most cost efficient and effective solution for your grow operation needs

Bags & Liners

Our high-quality bags and liners are known for strength and sustainability.


Promote your brand and meet consumers’ growing demand for sustainability.

T-Shirt Bags

CalRecycle approved bags made with certified PCR

Beverage Bags

Safe, convenient beverage carryout solutions for individual and bulk

Food Prep

We have the right products to ensure your back of house operations run smoothly and sustainably.

Kitchen Prep

Keep food safe and fresh while saving time & money

Pan Liners

Cover everything from storage & warming to cooking, baking & roasting

Specialty Bags

Specialty food bags in a variety of sizes are grease-proof and microwavable


Achieve optimum performance in the field with the leading brand of polytube for over 25 years.


Trust that, no matter your project or need, you’re getting the necessary protection.


Get the highest independently graded and most sought after recycled content resins.


From hand wrap to machine wrap, count on us for all your high performance stretch film solutions.


Our hand wrap performs with high puncture resistance and up to 300% stretch

Encore® PCR resins

High performance PCR rigorously tested and certified to ensure consistency and best-in-class purity

Machine Wrap Film

From workhorse grade to premium performance films, our machine wrap has you covered.

PIR resins

Certified, post-industrial resin that consistently meets highest requirements in quality and performance


Switch to our original closed-loop solution, made with up to 97% recycled content.

Specialty Film

With our advanced capabilities, we can tailor the right product for your needs, including custom colors and sizes.

PIR Trash Bags

High quality bags made from post-industrial recycled resin offer guaranteede tensile strength, elongation and puncture resistance

Revolution Bag™

Can liners made from the highest-quality certified PCR that exceed environmentally preferred requirements without costing more

Impact Elite

Proprietary resin blend using state-of-the-art ‘Elastin Technology’

Impact Pro

Workhorse film for wide range of applications

Armor Wrap

High puncture resistance and extraordinary elongation properties.

Titan Wrap

Ultra stiff hand wrap with optimum load holding force.

Fierce Wrap

Operator-friendly pre-stretch film for maximum performance and efficiency.

Impact Ultra

High performance machine film with a proprietary blend for 300% stretch.

Advantages for agriculture

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Performance product with low failure rate

Inventory stocked for low lead time

Responsive team offering superior customer service

Made in the USA

Your go-to partner for sustainable plastic solutions.

Our unique, circular approach to plastics enables us to deliver a wide range of sustainable solutions and custom closed-loop programs. We not only supply you with the highest quality products and reliable service you need, we also supply you with comprehensive ways to reduce waste and build a more sustainable business.

Achieve success in sustainability.

Read the case studies below to see how we’ve helped customers in the agricultural industry be more sustainable.

Case Study

Preserving our Farmlands: Polytube in the Delta

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