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VaporPro™ is a high-performance polyethylene film designed for use as a vapor retarder under concrete slabs. This film is manufactured in the United States of America using high quality prime, virgin resins. VaporPro is designed as a low permeance, high strength, and high puncture resistant film that meets and exceeds the ASTM E1745 requirements for a Class A vapor retarder.

  • Thickness: Available in 10mil & 15mil gauge
  • Color: High visibility, bright green color
  • Made in the USA: Reliable domestic quality
  • Tensile strength: >50lbs/in
  • Puncture resistance: >2200g
  • ASTM E1745: Class A Certified
  • Permeance: <0.1 perms

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Maximum Performance

High Visibility Color

Multiple Guages

Multiple Gauges

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

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