What’s your closed-loop story?

Every business is unique, and the path to sustainability isn’t the same for everyone. We can help your organization create a custom closed-loop program that makes a tangible impact on your carbon footprint and increases your operations’ efficiency. We’ll partner with you to examine your business processes, manufacturing, and supply chain, and identify opportunities to increase your sustainability through tailored circular solutions. What exists as a liability in your business today might just be an untapped opportunity to build a more sustainable business and reduce waste. We have done it for companies in a variety of industries and look forward to helping you close your loop.

Bring your business full circle

The benefits of closed-loop programs span across business needs. You can meet your sustainability goals, provide high-quality products, and improve efficiency without compromise. It’s a potent formula for business success.

For your business

  • Meet ESG goals and make a tangible impact on your sustainability efforts
  • Build a powerful sustainability story for the business and your consumer markets
  • Achieve brand recognition and marketplace momentum
  • Leverage the value of recycled material as a valuable resource
  • Increase your supply chain efficiency and reduce reliance on market fluctuations

For your environment

  • Extract less raw material
  • Divert used plastic from landfills
  • Reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gases


This is a fast moving industry and we’re committed to blazing new trails

Read about how we are pioneering new closed-loop programs.

Interested in a custom program for your business?

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