Redefine renewable resources.

Our circular approach to production and recycling transforms discarded plastic into a valuable resource, generating high-quality, recycled resins that can be used in a variety of end-use applications.  We not only use our certified recycled resins in our Revolution products, we partner with global brands and OEMs to put recycled content into their products, too.

Setting the standard in PCR & PIR resins

Through decades of experience, we’ve developed a proprietary process to clean, segregate, and convert film plastics into high-quality recycled resins. Combined with our unique collection capabilities, this enables us to achieve greater purity and higher performance than standard recycled resins.

Sustainable material solutions for film application

We offer a broad line of low-density and linear, low-density polyethylene post-consumer and post-industrial resins, and we thoroughly test and engineer the specific properties of our resins to ensure their consistency and performance.


This is a fast moving industry and we’re committed to blazing new trails

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