Redefine recycling.

Through decades of experience, we’ve developed a proprietary process to recover and mechanically recycle LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE film plastics into high-quality PCR and PIR resins. Combined with our unique collections capabilities, we offer unparalleled recycling expertise that benefits our products, our customers’ business and the environment.

Mechanical recycling experts

Flexible film recycling is a challenge.​ At Revolution, we specialize in film recycling. Collecting and recycling plastic is an integral part of our comprehensive, circular approach to plastic that results in effective, scalable, and sustainable solutions for our customers.

We are recognized industry-wide for our recycling capabilities:

  • Largest recycler of heavily soiled ag film in the world
  • Largest recycler of post-industrial material in the Midwest
  • Third party-certified recycling facilities for both post-consumer and post-industrial resins
  • Recipient of the Arkansas Recycling Coalition’s Corporate Recycler of the Year award 2020

A commitment to film collection

Our specialized fleet of collection vehicles enable us to recover tens of millions of pounds of used agricultural and other film plastics each year, including many of our own products. This not only diverts plastic that would otherwise be landfilled, but it also creates a reliable stream of material to feed our ongoing manufacturing. And because we control sourcing in this way, we can ensure higher-quality and more predictable costs for our inputs.

This is a fast moving industry, and we’re committed to blazing new trails

Read about how we are pioneering new sustainable product programs.

We’re saving a significant amount of money and have reduced the use of virgin resin tremendously. We were at hundreds of thousands of pounds of virgin resin before we were introduced to Revolution, and now we’re at 17,000 pounds. That’s huge as we pursue our efforts to reduce energy use by 20 percent and waste by 90 percent.”

Sustainability Manager
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

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