Polar™ High Clarity Bags

Maximum clarity bags and liners

Our Polar high clarity bags are made with the purest resins to offer superior clarity and versatile options for use including shipping, packing and storing a variety of products from food, clothing, parts and electronics or use as a liner.

  • Multiple options: Available in a variety of sizes and thickness from 1-8 mil. Clear or colored. Individually cut or on a roll.
  • High clarity resins: Can be run out of 100% high clarity virgin resin that meets FDA requirements.
  • Customizable: Available additives include VCI or anti-static properties

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Our business is built on delivering sustainable solutions to your business. But we’re also committed to walking the walk.

Collections & recycling

Our in-house collection capabilities allow us full control and chain of custody over our used material sources.

Custom programs

We have a longstanding track record of successfully partnering with brands to develop tailored sustainable loop solutions.

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