A sustainable revolution. Together.

“We promote and implement practices that sustain our environment for future generations. That is a guiding principle, a core strategic value for our company. Every decision we make, every hire we make, is viewed through the prism of sustainable-loop.”
– Sean Whiteley, CEO

Our sustainability pillars


Reducing operational impacts. Ensuring the well-being of our people.

Circular products
& solutions

High-quality recycled products. Closed-loop solutions.
Sustainability for Plastics.

People & communities

Forward-thinking culture.
Success for our employees, communities and planet.


We make our greatest contribution through the innovative products and solutions we sell to customers and the millions of pounds of plastic we recycle each year. But we know we also have a responsibility to manage the impact of our own operations.

Circular products
and solutions

We’re breaking new ground in circular solutions. Our integrated approach and growing line of high-quality products is redefining possible and building a truly continuous cycle of sustainability.

Our people and

We live our core values every day. Excellence, Integrity, Discipline, Collaboration, Innovation, and Sustainability form our culture, putting our people first and driving success for our communities and our planet.

Our commitment to our employees

Employee Health and Safety

Employee Development

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Community Engagement & Investment

2021 Sustainability Report

We’re setting ambitious goals for the coming years. This report outlines the actions we and our customers are taking to lead the charge.

Partnerships & Collaboration

Working together for a better future.

“We are constantly innovating and collaborating to advance sustainability in our own business and across our industry. We care about people and the environment and know it will take us all to find truly sustainable solutions for the future.”

Cherish Miller
Vice President of Sustainability and Outreach

This is a fast moving industry, and we're committed to blazing new trails

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