Encore PCR®

Certified Polyethylene Post-Consumer Recycled Resin

Replace 70% of virgin resin with Encore PCR and you could reduce global climate change emissions by 37%.

With Encore post-consumer recycled (PCR) resins, you can achieve your organization’s sustainability goals, reduce waste and contribute to the circular economy. We offer a broad line of low density and linear low density polyethylene post-consumer recycled resins. Applications include food packaging, poly mailers, California’s SB270 certified reusable bags, trash can liners, carryout bags, stretch hood and wrap and protective films for retail packaging

Get to know this product

Encore PCR Resin offers the following advantages

Quality and Confidence

High performance PCR
rigorously tested and certified
by The Association of Plastic
Recyclers (APR) and
SCS Global Services

Consistent Performance

Dependable and consistent
performance for high loading
and high throughput
you can rely on

Best-In-Class Purity

Clean inputs result in clean output.
For blown film, this means
longer production times and
increased efficiency

Who this product is best suited for.

Encore PCR offers a sustainable solution for your PE resin needs and is an ideal application for:

  • Flexible film packaging
  • Pallet wrap
  • Can liners & bags
  • Carryout bags

Performance where you need it most.

Download the following resources for an in-depth look at Encore PCR Resin.

Infinite impact.

Our business is built on delivering sustainable solutions to your business. But we’re also committed to walking the walk.

Our sustainability commitment

Prevent your plastic from ending up in landfills.

From collections programs to tolling and brokerage, we recover, clean and process more than 150 million pounds of material each year.

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