Recycling your plastic film shouldn’t be hard or complicated, and we’re working to make film collection easier and more efficient with the Push for Pick Up mobile app, available for select areas and programs, and coming soon to more locations.

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Let’s get started.

It’s easy to get started. Download the FREE Push for Pick Up mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play, pinpoint where your plastic is located and push to request pick up! Our fleet of Revolution trucks will be on their way to collect your film fast and efficiently, just like that.

Learn about Push for Pick Up in your area.

We’re constantly growing our reach of recycling programs across the country to collect used film and divert it from the waste stream. To learn more about the Push for Pick Up services available in your area, choose from the options below. If we don’t offer collection in your area yet, check back in the future as we continue growing our Push for Pick Up footprint!

Made in the USA


Polytube Collection

Available in Select States

Revolution & Delta Plastics are working hard to make polytube collection in the Delta easier and more efficient than ever.

Made in the USA


Ag Film Collection

Now Available!

With over 2500 dumpsters throughout the Midwest, we’re making collection a breeze with just the push of a button.

Made in the USA


Ag Film Collection

Now Available!

We not only make and sell film on the west coast, we’re committed to collecting all of our ag film to be recycled and reused.

Get to know the Push for Pick Up mobile app

Watch and learn with our quick, easy video tutorial to get started in the app hassle-free.

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