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PIR Resins

Certified polyethylene post-industrial recycled (PIR) resin

We offer a broad line of low density and linear low density polyethylene post-industrial recycled resins. Applications include poly mailers, certified reusable bags, trash can liners, carryout bags, stretch hood and wrap, and protective films for retail packaging.

  • Mechanically Recycled:: We reprocess post-industrial film into PIR resin appropriate to be used in future film applications.
  • Quality & Confidence:: High-performance PIR rigorously tested and certified by SCS Global Services
  • Best-In-Class Purity:: Clean inputs result in clean output. This means increased efficiency through less scrap and longer production runs.

Have scrap to sell or toll?


Our business is built on delivering sustainable solutions to your business. But we’re also committed to walking the walk.


Our in-house collection capabilities allow us full control and chain of custody over our used material sources.

Custom Programs

We have a longstanding track record of successfully partnering with brands to develop tailored, sustainable-loop solutions.

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