Impact Elite

Machine Stretch Film

Puncture resistant, 300% stretch, one-sided cling.

  • “Elastin Technology”: Proprietary, state-of-the-art resin blend designed for maximum performance
  • Extraordinary puncture-resistance: Multi-layered film creating excellent strength & tear resistance
  • High speed, high stretch: Pre-stretch levels that exceed 300%
  • Maximum clarity: For easy barcode readability
  • Wrap more with less film: Stronger than traditional machine wrap allows for gauge reduction
  • A smarter, sustainable solution: We create, recover & recycle our stretch film to create a sustainable loop that reduces waste & carbon emissions

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Maximum Performance

Multiple Guages

Multiple Gauges

Multiple Guages

Multiple Sizes

Great Value

Made in the USA

Made in the USA


Our business is built on delivering sustainable solutions to your business. But we’re also committed to walking the walk.

Collections & recycling

Our in-house collection capabilities allow us full control and chain of custody over our used material sources.

Custom programs

We have a longstanding track record of successfully partnering with brands to develop tailored sustainable loop solutions.

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